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Why Choose Ortodent?

Ortodent is a family-owned and operated clinic. We are, as Ortodent, providing our patients with comprehensive dental treatments for three generations, and we take pride in offering our patients the highest level of dental care in a warm and friendly environment.

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We Care About You

We Care About You

When it comes to choosing a dental clinic, there are many options out there. However, we believe that Ortodent stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons.

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How we work?

At Ortodent, we strive to provide the highest quality care to all of our patients. We work closely with each patient to personalized treatment and travel plans and address all of your needs in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


How do I care for my teeth after dental treatment?

Our dentists will provide detailed instructions on how to care for your teeth after treatment, including proper brushing and flossing techniques and any dietary restrictions or recommendations. We also offer ongoing support and advice to help you maintain optimal oral health for years to come.

Do you offer any additional services for foreign patients?

Yes, we offer additional services to help make your dental treatment journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. These may include airport transfers, accommodation arrangements, translation services, etc. Our dedicated team can work with you to customize a treatment plan and itinerary that meets your specific needs and preferences.

How much does dental treatment at Ortodent cost?

The cost of dental treatment can vary depending on the specific treatment, the complexity of the case, and other factors. However, we strive to provide affordable, transparent pricing for our services, and we offer free consultations to help you understand your options and costs.

Why should I prefer Turkey for dental treatment?

Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for medical and dental tourism due to its high-quality healthcare facilities, experienced doctors and dentists, and affordable prices. Additionally, Turkey is easily accessible from many European countries and has a rich cultural heritage, making it a popular destination for tourists as well.

Is it safe to receive dental treatment at Ortodent?

Yes, we take the safety and well-being of our patients very seriously, and we adhere to the highest standards of infection control and sterilization in our clinic. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to minimize any potential risks to our patients.

What dental treatments do you offer at Ortodent?

We offer a wide range of dental treatments, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implant dentistry, and oral surgery. Our experienced dentists use the latest techniques and technologies to provide high-quality, personalized dental care to each patient.

Why should I prefer Ortodent for my dental treatment?

At Ortodent, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care in a warm, welcoming environment. Our team of experienced dentists and staff are committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your dental treatment journey. We use the latest dental technology and techniques to provide the most effective, minimally invasive treatments possible. Additionally, our patient coordinator can assist with all aspects of your treatment, from scheduling appointments to arranging travel and accommodations.

How do I book an appointment for dental treatment at Ortodent?

You can book an appointment by filling out our online contact form or contacting us directly by phone or email. Our team will work with you to schedule a convenient time for your consultation and answer any additional questions you may have.

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